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Our application team has in-depth business and technical expertise to develop applications from a client's wish-list of features, enhance or re-purpose an existing application or migrate to a new platform. We create web systems that allow you to draw from all of your information resources to compete.

We build bespoke systems tailored to our clients' needs and industries - please call 1204 704 275 to discuss your needs.

We have also built our own systems that are available to use under license.

Alsoft has a suite of web based tools, enabling property & hotel owners to manage reservations, increase bookings, maximise profits and save time.

At the heart of our applications is a simple user friendly engine that enables users to reserve rooms instantly through websites after verifying availability of rooms. The e-commerce reservation engine can easily manage and monitor the entire booking activity.

  • Front Desk & Reservations
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Reports
  • TeacherForms automates workflows to increase the efficiency of teachers and significantly reduce administrative costs.

    The system can enable administrators to create workflow applications for your entire school or university with little technical expertise and no coding required.

    TeacherForms is the ideal solution for administrators under pressure to do more with less. It is a total end-to-end forms solution where you can manage the entry point to your forms with log-ins. Inside the form itself you can use advanced logic to streamline user experience. Upon completion of certain form segments, you can create automatic workflows and alerts to initiate specific events.

    recruiterSoft is an online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed especially for specialised, multi-skilled recruitment industries. It supports recruitment agencies who want to store detailed information about recruiters, jobseekers, vacancies and relationships between the three in an efficient, accessible and organised state.

    The breadth and depth of information that can be stored has evolved through regular client consultations and represents leading insight into relevant criteria. Combined with fast, convenient search and retrieval tools, recruiterSoft enables consultants to make informed, trustworthy decisions fast to secure representation of desirable candidates.

    Complemented by automated tasks, online access and a Content Management System (CMS) for publishing fully branded career opportunities online, recruiterSoft is a cost effective application of intelligent design that will add competitive edge to any multi-skilled recruitment business.

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